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About Darius

Soul Business Guide • Gene Keys® Guide • Theta Healing® Practicioner • Breathwork Facilitator • Sound & Voice Artist



I used to wake up to an underlying anxiety - every morning. It was the anxiety of not knowing how to find a drive and sense of purpose in my life. I felt no enthusiasm and I was basically just surviving & FUNCTIONING.


Early 2019 I was broke. Trying to make a living with teaching and creating music. And even when some success was within reach I could see myself SABOTAGING it - making the same mistakes again and again and feeling incapable of stopping it.

I tried to CHASE SUCCESS ​by pleasing others. And I was frustrated when clients paid little while demanding quick fixes that led nowhere.


And then I got introduced to HUMAN DESIGN and later on: the GENE KEYS.

This was a game changer. Because I could finally see how my blockages were built in for me to unlock their potential. How I had been programmed into roles that never really fit me. And my life story finally made sense.


My natural DNA BLUEPRINT showed me the specific map of my woundings, blockages and gifts. It was incredible.


Combined with other Healing Modalities, this was a deep revelation. And I started to implement i in my business.

I was mindblown by how this changed my life, my relationships and my business.


Since 2021 I'm working as a Coach for subconscious reprogramming, alignment strategies & leadership. Over the last 3 Years I helped hundreds of soulpreneurs, coaches, therapists and creatives to create & grow their soulbusiness - to create the impact and fulfilling life they were originally made for.


My work combines somatics, subconscious, strategic, business and spiritual modalities - from the Gene Keys System to Business Strategies.

For my clients I facilitate the safe transformational space they need to overcome their biggest blockages. We find the roles & network they are truly born for, their individual pathways to resilience and natural core stability and we initiate an unshakable knowing of their higher purpose = the most natural compass for decision making.

My premise: "You have unique natural gifts. When combined these gifts form your natural zone of genius. And this zone of genius is exactly what you need to embody to fulfill your higher purpose."

This has become my mission: to help those who dare to be change-makers embody their higher self and thrive in their soulbusiness'.


"You cannot help others until you are truly YOU."

With this work I want to contribute to ending the cycles of suffering caused by hurt people hurting people. My goal is to help you love your life so deeply that this ripples into your communities (family, clients, partners).

It took me years of intense inner work, failures & growth to arrive here today.

I'm here to provide the safety and boldness for your initiation into the unique genius you were born with.

Ready to make the leap?

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